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Artist Biography

Ng Jia Xi (b. 1997, Singapore) is a Singaporean artist from the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art Degree at NAFA and is a Scholarship Award recipient for the academic year 2023/2024. She has a former Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from Singapore Polytechnic and is an active Dance Choreographer. Through her artistic endeavours, she has exhibited her works at Photographic Society of Singapore in an exhibition titled ‘Sonder’, and ‘Stories of Care’ at Assisi Hospice in 2023. She has also choreographed for events such Waves23 at Singapore’s Esplanade theatre in 2018, and Converge Recital at Singapore's University Cultural Centre in 2022 and 2023.

Artist Statement

My work responds to the rhythm of life through the intangibility of time-based art. As a multidisciplinary artist, I explore the bodily awareness to this fleeting energy through sensorial interactions of the human body with mediums such as performance art, videography and installations.


2022 - Current

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

2015 - 2018

Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics  Singapore Polytechnic 

2014 - 2015

Polytechnic Foundation Programme

Course of Science and Technology 

Singapore Polytechnic 



Recipient of the NAFA Scholarship for the academic year of 2023 - 2024


Recipient of NAFA Talent Development Programme




NAFA x UAL Exhibition / University of Arts London

A performance installation titled ‘Slip’ that features live performance with objects and a prerecorded dance shared through projections. The installation consists of three pieces of tall white fabric in a staggered position, and a wooden chair in the middle of the three.


Finding Peace / University of Arts London

A collaborative interactive installation held in Chelsea campus that invites audiences to engage with paint and crayons on the walls, or on objects of comfort that were presented in the installation. 


Stories of Care / Assisi Hospice

A time-based sculpture and publication work titled ‘I just left the candle there’ by the ‘HH’ Collective. In collaboration with Assisi Hospice care worker Yvonne Gabrielle Chen, the work is a 3-part wax sculpture executed through the casting of wax into water, the melting of wax and publications of captured images consisting of the time-based processes of the work.


Subliminal Paradigms / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

An immersive installation titled 'Fortune Smiles Upon You' by the 'We Surrender!' collective, consisting of found objects and make-believe fortune readings.


NTDP Showcase / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

A metal Sublimation print titled 'WAKE II' as part of a series from the artwork ‘Wake’, showcasing multiple warped still images taken from a motion graphic sequence.


Sonder / Photographic Society Singapore

An immersive installation titled ‘WAKE’, showcasing a motion graphic sequence of warped moving images derived from analogue film photography, projected onto a large open space and a mirror.


Bodies / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Installation of 2D painting and a 4D video and performative work with paint titled 'Identity'.


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