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Software(s) : Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D(Octane), Adobe Audition & Adobe Illustrator.

Year: 2018 - Final Year Project (Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics)

Video stills from Project AEKI

What if objects do not work the way it should be? Would the notion of normal then still be real?


Project AEKI is a 3D Motion Graphic which introduces daily household objects with unfamiliar characteristics like of a parallel universe. Challenging the idea of our perception on reality, AEKI aims to take it's viewers on a quirky and refreshing adventure, bringing you into a world of peculiar and unpredictable outcomes.

Directed by Ng Jia Xi, AEKI is a collaborative final year project between Ng Jia Xi and Victor Foo Jian En during her diploma studies in the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.


The term AEKI was inspired by the go-to furniture shop - 'IKEA', with the project highlighting the of reshaping of pre-existing impressions through simple daily household objects. The piece focused on unpredictability explored through changing the virtual object's physical properties such as weight and hardness of material, and the reactions of each material.

Storyboard of Project AEKI

Project AEKI was presented for Singapore Polytechnic's School of Digital Media and InfoComm Technology Graduation Show in 2019 as one of the top 5 notable works in the cohort of

Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. 

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