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Dimensions: 1920 x 1080p                             Medium: Performance Art                                     Year: 2022

'Circles' is a Performative Dance executed by Ng Jia Xi that explores the possibilities of seeking relief from negative emotions through nature, dance and light. Through her lived experiences in a first-world country such as Singapore, she observed many individuals around her grow into their lives, with their emotions are often shut away to feed the demands of the society. Evolution towards a fast-paced rhythm of life may rob time for many to be present, resulting in the numbing of emotions and a rise in mental health concerns around the world.


Circles responds to the constant rebirth of the cycle of stress and attempts in seeking relief. Taking the form of silhouettes and shadows, the visuals move the performance towards an anonymous stance that does not identify with any group of people, but rather explores the essence of the human race as a whole. This work challenges the the irony of human beings living amongst urban environments and our attachment to such spaces and it's influences, even though we play a huge part in nature's process.

Video stills from Circles.

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