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NgJiaXi_G20220035_Summative_FinalCut_NoTitleSequence (0-07-43-18)_edited.jpg

Dimensions: 3m x 1.5m, 1920 x 1080                              Medium: Paper, Acrylic Paint, Performance Art                                                    Year: 2022

IDENTITY (2022) is a mixed medium videography piece consisting of Performance Art and Painting. It explores the alternative body of a person through the negative space created from the human body. In this performative piece, negative space is explored through clothing, with the context of garments we wear being one of the first steps taken to represent ourselves and the roles we play in our lifetime. As human beings, we mentally shape ourselves unknowingly through the clothes we choose to put on, and take on various roles whilst wearing them.


Do we find our sense of IDENTITY through the roles we play, or do we find ourselves outside of them?


Documentation of the performance captured on film. Photograph taken by Eric Teo Shun Quan.

IDENTITY was exhibited for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Open Studios in 2022 and Open House in 2023.

Still images taken from video of the performance IDENTITY, 2022

Video of performative piece IDENTITY.


IDENTITY Exhibited at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Open Studios in November 2022.

Close up documented images of the final painting.

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