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Light to Night Festival

Padang, 6th January 2023 to 26th January 2023

Free Admission


Located at the Padang of Singapore, 'Ephemeral' is an immersive sculpture made by award-winning Sydney-based art practice Atelier Sisu, led by Peruvian sculptor and industrial designer Renzo B. The piece explores the intangibility of light and sound, aiming to capture the concept of ephemerality in a visual form. Ephemeral takes the form of a bubble, with interchanging multi-coloured lights projected on them throughout the day. It sits in the middle of the grass field, simulating the sense of touch from the base of our feet as you approach the giant sculptures. Interacting with the sculptures leave a feeling of nostalgia, similar to the act of children playing with bubbles outdoors. The scale of the pieces evokes an innate playfulness and sense of childlike wonder, drawing crowds of people from passersby on the street to art enthusiasts, to step in and explore the immersive environment. Audiences can move around and under the colourful bubbles, and many are seen to be capturing pictures of their experience with the sculptures.

Ephemeral has free admission and is presented at Singapore's Light to Night Festival during the Singapore Art Week. With these aspects in play, the work becomes easily discoverable by the masses. Artworks of this scale can appear to be out of the normal to the general public as well, bringing in attention to not only the piece itself, but gradually to the entirety of the Light to Night Festival and Singapore Art Week. Ephemeral generates a sense of curiosity amongst audiences and creates a platform for discovery into Singapore's art ecosystem, making this work one that is inviting and approachable to whoever that encounters it.

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