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Creating Infinity: The Worlds of Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama

Louis Vuitton Island Store, 2 Bayfront Ave, #B2-36

Crystal Pavilion North

Free Admission

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‘Creating Infinity: The Worlds of Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama’ is a collaborative collection featuring Kusama’s works printed onto ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, accessories, luggage and trunks and fragrances. The brand approaches the display of products like of an exhibition space, and situates itself at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, at the heart of tourism in Singapore. As you approach the store on the basement level, you are greeted with glass display of products and a thematic background consisting of Yayoi Kusama’s signature dots, with bright lightings leading up to the entrance of the store.  

Upon entering the space, products are seen to be placed on reflective mirror like pedestals with white floor stickers resembling giant dots. These floor stickers fill up the space gradually as you go deeper into the room, along with Kusama’s pumpkin sculptures. These sculptures carry a bright array of colours that vary in height, with some of them acting as a tunnel displaying the collaborative products. A walkway with a description of the collaboration meets the end of the first room.

photo1681572363 (1).jpeg

Leading into the second room, mirror walls with stickers of in various colours of Kusama's pumpkins and a bright orange carpeted flooring covers the space, with a continued display of pumpkins and collaborative products. Floor stickers with a dark blue background with bright yellow  dots   fill  up  the  floors,  building 

contrast  to the carpet. The change in flooring texture physically stimulates a different audience experience through the sense of touch, further transporting the audience into the space around them.

The collaborative products on the basement floor were for display purposes, with the rest of the Louis Vuitton store situated on the higher floors. This segregation allowed viewers to focus on enjoying the space, making it more friendly and approachable for the passersby such as tourists and local shoppers to appreciate art and situate themselves within a luxury brand store.

Artistic collaborations with popular brands like Louis Vuitton help to expose fine arts to the general public, making the appreciation of art more accessible to all. The intentionality of creating an exhibition-like space in a high-traffic area offers a platform for diverse individuals to experience art, making this collaborative series an inclusive and successful one.

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